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Good news we have train tickets…whoops…no we don’t….yes we do…at last….no, we don’t….we are going to fly….there are tickets…no there are not….yes there are…we have ticket for Sunday!!! The payment didn’t go through….credit card security…6 telephone calls later(even though I called before we left to notify them) and we have paid for tickets….We will ship Read More

This week started off with a bang. We went into Cort’s office and got help with topping up our phones. Not difficult once you understand what to do, but impossible without speaking Chinese. Gary is wiring us money via the internet…he was at it 3 days due to technical difficulties on the UK end and Read More

It has been a few days since I have blogged. Life has been a series of successes and failures. Yesterday we went to the Shanghai Museum, but the line was hours long and it was 100+ outside, so we decided to go have lunch and try the Shanghai Art Museum after that. Thing is we Read More

These past few days we have been taking care of details: internet/facebook/sim cards…..etc. and resting. We have also been getting to know Cortney’s circle of friends here. Peter is from the Midwest, like me. He is a good laugh and so enthusiastic to absorb all that is China. Leo, whose real name I have no Read More

Intentions were good to be up early, but jet lag won out. We started our day at noon. We learned some important things today: Taxi drivers can only understand where you want to go if you have it written down in Chinese Characters…pointing at a map in Chinese that is written with roman letters doesn’t Read More

10 hours of sleep, 2 hours of Yoga and a hot shower later, I almost feel human. Kailin was so excited to go out and see Shanghi. We had Asian pears and grapes for breakfast…really good. We also had eggs. Two of them were normal, but we bought a couple of different eggs that turned Read More

In transit. Everything is packed and in storage, including Gary. Well at least he is in storage in our lives, though he is more accessible than our goods which are gone for a year. I won’t miss any of the stuff, but I may miss Gary, esp if we run into I.T. issues. I am Read More