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Turning the Frown Upside Down: Easy First Steps to Resolving Upset

Kinds of upset: whiny, teary, angry, scared, worried, sad, insecure, traumatized children or adults, tantrums

Main Remedy: Bach Rescue Remedy: available in drops, crèmes, and lozenges

Whether the upset is purely emotional or in conjunction with a physical trauma a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy under the tongue, diluted into water to be sipped, or as a lozenge will help.  The crème is very good for rubbing on to bumps and bruises, or around open wounds.

Secondary Remedies:
Flower Tincture Remedies (for example the Bach Flower set)
Flower Essential Oils (for example lavender oil).
There are many on the market and all come with manuals that offer suggestions on which flower is good for which emotional upset.

The other key to transforming and preventing upset is rest.  People who get 8-10 hours of good sleep every night are much less likely to find the trials life offers unmanageable, and are also less likely to loose focus and hurt themselves.

 “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”