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Meditation Made Easy

What is Meditation? There are as many opinions about this as there are grains of sand on the beach. Here is my definition:

Meditation is any focus that brings one into complete presence now. The consequence of now presence is internal stillness. The consequence of stillness over time is limitless manifestation. The consequence of knowing all is yours and you are all, is peace. The consequence of peace over time is being at one with everything. The consequence of this oneness over time brings the release of interest in duality and drama, which in turn allows ascension of the soul.

This full circle of present living takes all time and no time.
Let go of time.
Begin where you are now.

What is a Simple Meditation? Can I start now? Yes you can!

 1)   Find a comfortable sitting or lying position, or beautiful place to walk, or an easy, repetitive activity that completely absorbs your chatter brain (for example knitting)

2)   Bring your attention to your breath

3)   As you breathe in, say: I’m breathing in

4)   As you breathe out, say: I’m breathing out

5)   When you notice your mind has wondered, simply love yourself for noticing          and bring your attention back to….

I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out

You will find when practising this regularly that soon your mind will become very still. From here you will be able to pop into that space where all is one, possible and peaceful.