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Arrival: Aug 5/6

In transit. Everything is packed and in storage, including Gary. Well at least he is in storage in our lives, though he is more accessible than our goods which are gone for a year. I won’t miss any of the stuff, but I may miss Gary, esp if we run into I.T. issues. I am so tired I can hardly think, my eyes feel like sand paper, and everything hurts from all the packing. I’m not complaining, as a year ago my chronic back injury from giving birth years ago would not have let me do this at all. The injections I had last August from Dr Farschian in Florida have been a miracle.  (He is bookmarked under links on my website)The 2 things I am most thankful to Gary for in my life are Kailin, and making it possible for me to get this treatment….there are many other things, but these are outstanding. Whatever the future holds for each of us on our separate paths, this will always be true and I will always love him and I wish him every happiness.

We arrived at the airport with 5 large suitcases and 2 carry on bags, plus some other bits and piece. Here we had divine intervention, as most of the bags we over weight and even though I paid for extra bags ahead, they should have charged us lots of extra, but instead they upgraded us to premium class and only charged for one extra bag. We sailed through everything and I was soon asleep on the plane. 10 hours later we arrived and were meant by my good friend, Cortney’s employees, Candy and Brodie. Thankfully they drove a minivan to transport us and all our luggage to his apartment in Shanghi. This is when you know you are on the right path….it would have been a real challenge to do all this without help. I was warned by him that the flat was a bit rough around the edges, but I was so hot and tired that anywhere with a bed and A/C was fine….He was right though….definitely a “guy flat”…even missing toilet paper. Anyway, that is why I always carry my own tissues….

We have just come back from a long walk around the local area. The gardens around the apartments here are beautiful. It even has its own lotus pond. We found a huge moth that had an injured wing and took a beautiful picture.  There are cicadas everywhere singing at top wing speed. We also managed to find great local food without speaking any mandarin yet.  It is going to be necessary to learn it …and fast! The cold green tea is great and is all that is keeping me awake, but we are determined to stay up till bedtime in order to avoid jet lag.