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The Adventure Begins: Aug 7

10 hours of sleep, 2 hours of Yoga and a hot shower later, I almost feel human. Kailin was so excited to go out and see Shanghi. We had Asian pears and grapes for breakfast…really good. We also had eggs. Two of them were normal, but we bought a couple of different eggs that turned out to be “preserved” eggs: i.e. rotted eggs….not really our things.

We took off by cab at noon to go see Bund Street, kind of the “Regents Street”/”Rodeo Drive” of Shanghi; Truly spectacular views from here of PuDong, the business district of Shanghi, and home to the famous, Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Then we walked to People’s Square. On the way we found great street food: seaweed and shitake mushrooms on a stick…right up our ally. We also found a great “foreign” (means they sell non-Chinese books) bookstore. We got maps and an essential language translator….really they don’t speak English…and this is Shanghai, considered the most international of all Chinese cities…Wu Dong should be really entertaining. Then we had great Japanese food for dinner. Finally we decided to brave the underground to come home…it was wonderful: efficient and clean. It cost us 30 cents each to get home….Cabs are cheap, but OMG the subway is a great deal….Shanghi is cleaner below ground than above. On our walk home from the subway, we even found a grocery store and managed to purchase toilet paper!

When we got home Leo, Cortney’s business partner and Peter, his protégé, were both home. It was good to get to know them a bit. Peter has just arrived from America to stay for a while and study Mandarin. Hopefully we will get to know both of them better over time. Now it is time for us to start learning Mandarin in earnest!!!