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Welcome to the Balance Center!

Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better Now with a Life-style Consulting Session. I offer coaching at all levels: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. I take the time to really listen to you and help you evaluate the whole picture of your present life and to take your next steps towards complete vitality. I can shine the light, so you can find your most magnificent self with greater ease. Now is always the best moment to become empowered.


With therapy at the Balance Center, you will learn answers to these questions:

  • What are the steps I need to take NOW to start back on the road to optimum health?
  • What supplements, herbs, and homeopathics will help me move back into maximum vitality?
  • What simple breathing techniques can I use to increase my vitality now?
  • Which kinds of doctors should be on my personal health team?
  • How to have the focus and energy to make your dreams come true?
  • How does proper breathing help the digestive system?
  • How can you consistently motivate yourself to be your very best?
  • What foods are water rich?
  • What are the differences between organic and inorganic minerals in water?
  • What are the best times to drink water and to avoid water?
  • How many hours of sleep does my body require?
  • How to avoid insomnia?
  • Is it normal to wake up at night and urinate?
  • How can you get the most out of exercise and feel your best?
  • What is your target heart range?
  • What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids?
  • What foods are the most useful to control weight and help regain health?
  • What questions should I ask myself morning and night in order to stay empowered?

What People Are Saying

I met Gail Gregory in 1999 after a spinal operation on my neck.My spinal chord was only 9mm thick in the 5th and 6th cervical vertebra area and I had to wear a neck brace because any little jolt to my body could have been severe to terminal. I was pale, weak and confused all the time. I went to Washington from NY to see Gail and to make a long story short, I recovered entirely. It was a “miracle” according to Dr. Ragnarsson, of Mt. Sinai Hospital, who went back to see after a couple of years under Gail’s care. His words were, “your MRI shows that your spinal chord is big fat and juicy.” So I have a witness to this if anyone should doubt it. I still go to Gail when I become unwell, like when I got Lymes in 2004. Again, I am totally cured and I chose to do it without the intravenous antibiotics. Thank you Gail for saving my life.
Amber T Chase