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Patient Reference

The basic recipes SPICY LEMONADE 3-4 lemons (juiced) ¼ cup/125ml maple syrup (grade B) a pinch- 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 quart/1 litre water mix together Drink as much as you can through out the day, with the mimimum being 2 quarts/2 litres. This will keep in the refrigerator for 2 days. When adding the cayenne Read more

Iodine Test

Iodine Absorption Test Applying a 2% Tincture of Iodine to your skin is an efficient and economical method of determining a metabolic deficiency of iodine. If the “brown” stain fades in 24 hours or less, it indicates a likelihood that iodine is not sufficient to normalize thyroid hormone production. Even if you are taking thyroid hormone orally, low Read more

Enema Procedure

Enemas should only be used if colonics are not available. Equipment Hot water bottle or enema bag with anal syringe (2 quart/ 1 litre capacity) 2 quarts/1 litre (1000 ml) – organic, caffeinated coffee or organic, cold pressed olive oil (body temperature) 2 cups/500 ml – pure water (body temperature) Timing This process takes about Read more

Designed to clear toxins from the large intestine Night Before Starting 1 teaspoon Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) or Celtic sea salt : Dissolve this in 1-2 ounces/50 ml of warm water. Drink as a shot and chase with 4 ounces/125 ml of fresh citrus juice Days 1-3 or 1-6 Intestinal Cleansing Fast: No solid food Read more

Introduction The main function of the gallbladder is the storage of bile, which is formed continuously by the liver, but is delivered to the small intestine only after meals containing fat and protein. Bile producing areas are present throughout the liver. The pathways that carry the bile to the gallbladder do many things, including serving Read more

Follow this until sugar balance is re-established. Always use organic products when available. Get plenty of exercise and regular rest. PROTEIN: Red meat: (3 ounces/ 85 grams) three times per week minimum. More if desired. Also as much as desired of: Fish, poultry, raw nuts and seeds, soy products (except in females with imbalanced estrogen), legumes Read more

Liver Flush

This month-long cleansing process is a very powerful way to help restore normal function to your liver. The citrus punch is loaded with fresh Vitamin C, rutin and other key cleansers. The strong astringent action it has on your liver helps it to squeeze out toxins. It is best to juice your own citrus, as Read more

Food pH Chart

DOWNLOAD Food pH Chart [PDF] Read more