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This is just a small aside. Pictures will never do justice to all the amazing flowers and their equally amazing smells, but here is an attempt to share. Also, I only seem to be able to photograph reptiles, bugs, amphibians, and mammals that hold still; But know that there are stunning birds on the loose Read more

These past months have been excellent and routine oriented. I know I promised to blog monthly, but the circle of our days and how tired we were after running/boxing/swimming and yoga made blogging somewhat un-attractive. The good news is now I have loads to share. In my last blog I talked about daily life at Read more

I love islands, beaches, warm moist air and sunny days, but we have gone from one extreme to another. The mountains have thickened our blood to where Thailand feels quite hot, especially since we have no air conditioning. We will get use to it! I have to say the ocean is perfect here. I can Read more

Sunday morning we left the mountain with Christy. She is heading to India to teach accounting to street children that have been taken in by this couple that runs an educational orphanage of sorts. It is good to have her with us. We spent the day in Shiyan eating. It was so good to have Read more