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Breathing, is by far our most important bodily function. When you are capable of breathing fully and consistently, you will go through your days in a more relaxed, stress-free state of mind. Studies have shown that stress is one of the largest contributors to the deterioration of health in our society today.  Something as simple Read more

Begin by putting your right hand in vishnu mudra and finding a comfortable sitting position. 1) Right thumb holding right nostril inhale 4 counts through left nostril 2) Ring/little finger and thumb holding both nostrils hold 16 counts 3) Ring/little finger holding left nostril exhale 8 counts through right nostril 4) Ring/little finger holding left Read more

Begin by finding a comfortable lying position Exhale completely Now, start to inhale very slowly, fill your lower abdomen first, then your solar plexus area, next allow the breath to flow into your chest and finally all the way up into your shoulders This should take 20 to 60 counts, depending on your fitness level Read more

Begin by finding a comfortable sitting position Take a deep breath in filling your lower abdomen, solar plexus and chest Now exhale completely, push every bit of air out Inhale once again, and hold this breath As you retain this breath, pull your diaphragm and abdominal muscles in and up quickly. This will make a Read more