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Enema Procedure

Enemas should only be used if colonics are not available.


  • Hot water bottle or enema bag with anal syringe (2 quart/ 1 litre capacity)
  • 2 quarts/1 litre (1000 ml) – organic, caffeinated coffee or organic, cold pressed olive oil (body temperature)
  • 2 cups/500 ml – pure water (body temperature)


This process takes about 1 hour, not including preparation time
It should be done daily


Boil 5 tablespoons of ground coffee  for 5 minute in 1 gallon/2 litres of pure water (this makes enough for two enemas)
Filter and let cool to body temperature
If you are sensitive to coffee, then warm 2 quarts/ 1 litre of olive oil to body temperature

Warm 2 cups/500 ml of pure water to body temperature. Prepare a comfortable place in the bathroom to be on your hands and knees (cat pose in yoga). Make sure there is a place where the enema bag can hang above you, and the anal syringe will still comfortably reach your bottom. Oil the anal syringe with a bit of olive oil.

Body Temperature: drop a few drops of liquid on the inside of your wrist. If the liquid feels neither hot or cold it is right.


1) fill enema bag with the 2 cups of pure water. Insert anal syringe into rectum, while in cat pose. Open tube clamp a little and allow water to slowly flow into bowels. Once all the water is in, remove the syringe and retain for 5 minutes. Then eliminate into the toilet.

2) fill the enema bag with 2 quarts/1 litre of coffee or olive oil. Repeat the process above. When all the liquid is inside, retain for 5-10 minutes. Then eliminate this into toilet.


You may experience cramping at any time during this procedure.  If this happens, shut off flow, put your head down to the ground and use your hand to massage your bowel track. Massage left to right when putting liquid in, and right to left when expelling liquid. The colon makes a nice U shape inside the body. Look at an anatomy book before starting, so you will know where to massage. Massaging and taking long deep breaths will help the cramping to subside. Once this happens you may continue allowing the liquid to flow in. With practice and patience you will be able to retain the whole 2 quarts/1 litre of liquid. If you must eliminate before all the liquid is in don’t worry. As the days go by, each time you repeat this process you will get better, and eventually you will be able retain all the liquid at once.

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