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What does Gail Gregory do?

I am an Acupuncturist by license and a Lifestyle Counsellor offering holistic treatments for healing and personal development. In a session we will look at where you currently are in your life, and where you would like to be.

Then I will help you chart a path to reaching your goals, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Treatments may include: homeopathy, herbs, counseling, flower remedies, vitamin/mineral supplements, glandulars, advice on nutrition, exercise, sleep, meditation and prayer. Also, I may refer you to other specialists for specific problems or goals.

In order to discern what therapies are appropriate for you I use a process called Homeoenergetics.

What is homeoenergetics?

An energetic testing process whereby your body’s electrical impulses are measured. This allows us to communicate with your body’s own internal diagnostic system and discern where the imbalances are (physically, emotionally, spiritually). Then your system will let us know what to do, how much to do, and in what order, thus allowing you to reach your goals in the quickest, easiest, way possible.

How much does it cost and how long are appointments?

Initial visits last two hours and sometimes more. Return visits last forty-five minutes to a hour. In most cases I see a patient every four to eight weeks.
Prices will depend on your profile and circumstances. Please contact for details.
Supplements are sometimes purchased from me and other times from local health food stores. The costs for these vary with the conditions being treated.

Does Gail work with people who are healthy?

Yes, I love working with people who are healthy and are looking for a coach to maximize performance. I have helped athletes and professionals in many fields reach their fullest potential.

Is Gail willing to work in conjunction with my other healthcare professionals?

Yes, I encourage it. I believe that the future is in all branches of medicine working together. I refer patients to other practitioners on a regular basis, and encourage the doctors on a patient’s current team to contact me when appropriate.

Does Gail work with non-local patients?

Yes, I have patients all over the world. You may come to my office or do a telephone/Skype consult. Some patients do a combination of both.

What kinds of disease has Gail given advice on?

I have been practicing for 25 years, and have wide experience treating everything from the common cold, to male and female disorders, to chronic conditions, to serious diseases. I do emotional and spiritual coaching right along with helping individuals regain maximum physical vitality. I see whole families for both preventative and symptom care.

How do I make an appointment?

Email Me. You will need to fill out a New Patient Intake Questionnaire prior to your first visit. This packet takes a few days to fill out as you must record your diet . Once completed, please email it to me.

You will find the New Patient Questionnaire on my homepage. There is one in both PDF format (that can printed out, filled in manually, scanned and attached to an email), and in WORD format (that can be filled out on the computer, saved and attached to an email). Completed forms should reach me a couple days prior to your appointment.
Also please email copies of any recent medical test results as they may help.


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