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What People Are Saying

Gail Gregory saved my life – and my health. Her wise counsel at critical moments – when my son died 12 years ago, when I got cancer three years ago, and when I was recently faced with other health problems, made the critical difference, and helped me and my helpers bring me back to health and full activity. Our regular sessions every few months help move my busy life – work, marriage, family, outside commitments – back to wholeness and balance.

R. Rovinsky

Gail has been a wonderful teacher and coach for my health and well being. She has helped me resolve physical conditions as well as emotional ones. She is someone that can be counted on for support and excellent advice. She has helped to open doors for me into greater awareness.

S. Joyce

My work with Gail was essential to recovering from adrenal and job burn-out that coincided with perimenopause. We worked system by body system to rebalance my body. After establishing a new foundation for my health, Gail has remained a support and educator, dedicated to guiding me – with great good humor – toward ever more enlightened and healthy choices.

Sara E

My experience with Gail has been varied. In 1996, she taught me a safe way to detoxify and cleanse my body after decades of processed food,etc. We were able to get my body into a regenerative state. After holistically dealing with HIV since 1985, I began to resume my energy with her homeopathy and herbs. In 2000, I delivered my son, which I was told couldn’t be done by Western docs. Gail walked me peacefully through this process. As a single mom, I allowed my endocrine system to lose its balance with no sleep and I forgot myself. We worked together to restore my adrenals and regain my prior functioning. Shortly thereafter, my son developed encephalopathy and was hospitalized. Gail speeded his recovery by clearing his system from what the hospitalization did i.e. antibiotics and blood transfusions. There were dire predictions re: his long term prognosis. Today, I am blessed with the most joyful son and I feel better than ever. Gail does a tremendous job as a health coach. She hears you on all levels and addresses not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual as well. She helped us ongoingly, but I am most appreciative to her calm presence in our storms.

Linda H.

I was almost bedridden when I first saw Gail. I am now able to ski again. Working with Gail has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.

H. Bliss

Gail is a wonderful person whose strength and sensibility, compassion and warmth are both a source of strength and inspiration for me.

H. Park

Every morning when I got up I would take 2 Excedrin and drink a coke and that was how I started my day because I felt so bad. My health was terrible. Then I met Gail over 15 years ago when she first came to Baltimore from L. A. Now I feel wonderful and no longer start my day that way. Gail has been a life saver for me and my sons. I can truly say that I do not think I would be alive today.

K. Goodwin

I met Gail Gregory in 1999 after a spinal operation on my neck.My spinal chord was only 9mm thick in the 5th and 6th cervical vertebra area and I had to wear a neck brace because any little jolt to my body could have been severe to terminal. I was pale, weak and confused all the time. I went to Washington from NY to see Gail and to make a long story short, I recovered entirely.

It was a “miracle” according to Dr. Ragnarsson, of Mt. Sinai Hospital, who went back to see after a couple of years under Gail’s care. His words were, “your MRI shows that your spinal chord is big fat and juicy.” So I have a witness to this if anyone should doubt it. I still go to Gail when I become unwell, like when I got Lymes in 2004. Again, I am totally cured and I chose to do it without the intravenous antibiotics. Thank you Gail for saving my life.

Amber T Chase