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First week back at Wudang Mountain: Cold Toes

We arrived late and spent the night at a hotel near Wudang Gate. No one is allowed up after around 6pm. The next morning was spectacularly beautiful, and not as cold as we expected. We did a bit of shopping: bought a rice cooker, as it will be nice to have more food options, and headed up the mountain to school. It is great to see everyone. Many of the same people are here. Some have stayed the whole winter (super tough!) and some are arriving back like us. Plus there are wonderful new faces.

The mountain is so peaceful, esp at the moment, as the tourist flow is at a minimum. I just sat around the first day breathing in nature. We also watched practice. Wow! Our friends have made so much progress. They all have my respect. We were very lucky and caught Maukine before he left. He has really learned a lot since we left. Plus he has started to play the Taoist flute. He introduced me to the sweet nun that teaches him, so maybe I will be able to learn too.

The nice weather only lasted that one day. I think I bring rain where ever I go. Scorpio…water sign…born on the Taoist water goddess birthday. When we arrive here in August, we had one nice day and then 7 days of rain. When we arrived in Thailand (during the dry season) we had one nice day and then rain for 7 days, and now that we have return here, we had one nice day and 7 days of rain/snow/sleet. Maybe I’m just imagining it! I’m certainly not imagining that my toes may never be warm again! Anyway the mountain really needed the rain and the snow was beautiful. We got around 6” that lasted for maybe a day and a half. Along with the weather came rolling black outs and our water was off too. The power issue is getting old quick, as even what little heat we have doesn’t work without electricity and I can’t see client when power is down…no internet. Though we are cold we are still glad to be back. We are taking the first 2 weeks to rest, catch up on things and review. This choice has been a good call as staying in bed is the only warm place. We are missing the Thai sun! It took us a whole day to unpack the 5 suitcases of stuff we left here. Ugg! I am clear we have way too much stuff. True, we didn’t know exactly what we would need and what would be available here, but still too much.  Life in general is full of too much stuff. I am a minimalist; still I have managed to accumulate too much stuff.

This said, we did go back down town to do more shopping (only food) and we are now cooking regularly in our room. It is making being here more enjoyable. Also I went with Krishna and Christy to observe while he saw an herbalist. That was interesting. This man is a surgeon and an herbalist…won’t find that combo in the west! We will see Master Du soon to get all sorted before we begin to practice hard. The herbalist is his uncle.

Last night we ate at Tian Lu, good food. Imagine, I was looking forward to the little fried fishy with their heads still on! I also love the mountain tea, not just like it is interesting, but I now love it. Something in me has changed. When I came this time I was mainly aware of the beauty and the stillness behind daily life. Even down town the noise, smell, and clutter was less abrasive to my system. At first I thought everything had been improved, but then I realized that my focus has just altered. I am getting use to the song that is Asia. We both feel comfortable here. It almost feels like we have come home.

Today it is finally beautiful again, so we washed hair, cloths, our room, etc. Hopefully everything will get dry. Life is back to normal.