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The week of November 29th: Temporary Endings

This was our last week on the mountain before we leave for Thailand and adventures new. We have been packing and trying to decide what we might need to take and what to leave behind in storage. We are definitely traveling light. We also packed and sent our first box of stuff back to England. It was filled mainly with herbs from Wudang Mountain.  It will be wonderful to come home to. I found some fantastic ginseng and lots of reishi and shitaki mushrooms. They say it will take 2 months to get to the UK. But it was way cheaper than paying for extra luggage and we don’t have to carry it.

We have been taking it easy in these last few practices, as our knees are still sore. Also we saw Master Du one more time. On Tuesday the school did our leaving ceremony where they give you a certificate for all the forms you have learned and you get your picture taken with the masters and the group.

There are a lot of us leaving over the next 3 weeks. Soon it will just be Cabrini, Mike, Maukine and Luka with the Chinese students. They have inherited loads of stuff from all of us and Maukine is taking over KK’s room. He is not sure how long he will stay, but maybe till we get back. I wish them warmth and good practice. We had a big send off feast at the little restaurant by us Tuesday evening…the food was great and everyone was there, even Judy (really nice office gal) and Master Du. Then Christy went crazy the next day and made loads of good-bye, rice cooker, chocolate custards….a huge hit. If all goes as planned most of us will be back to the mountain by the end of March.

Kailin and I are both so excited we can just about stand it. We are really looking forward to food, heat and rest!