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Week of November 15th: Happy Birthday Hurray

What was the big event? Yes, I turned 50 this week! On the 20th I arrived at what, optimistically, is 1/3rd of the way through this life. The first 18-20 years I was a child and a wonderful childhood it was. This means I have only been practicing being an adult for 30 years, of which I have been engaged in some kind of healing work the whole time. When I was in acupuncture school one of my teachers said that a person only becomes a master healer after 80 years of practice, so I need to be around a while longer.

I should mention that I really appreciate all the beings out there that have cooperated in helping me arrive at this point, either by sharing love, or information, or being an example for me, or by allowing me to play with them on their life path, or by playing with me on my path, or supporting me in a variety of other ways. Life really is one big circle, for every pearl I have discovered, I have shared on and in turn others have shared their discovered pearls with me.

I feel myself blessed: I have grown up, and integrated an education into a life path; I’ve had great love and romance in my life; I have nearly raised a family with 3 amazing kids and have an amazing extended family; I have wonderful friends; I have traveled extensively; remained awake/present and arrived at 50 in good health, on a planet that is in tremendous transformation. My friend Ellen says the first 50 years are for loving and forgiving your way through karma, and then the next 50 are for living with joy!!! I like this! I anxiously anticipate these 50 joyful, graceful and abundant years.  With this in mind, it turns out that November 20th is also the Taoist Water Goddesses birthday. This means there was a bit of celebration at the Temple. Interesting that Scorpio is a water sign and I have almost drowned 3 time these past 50 years, one time in which I talked extensively with a water deity and I am here to celebrate my 50th birthday with the Water Goddess…Perhaps the end of whatever water karma I had or the beginning of a deeper understanding of water?

The school celebrates birthdays with flowers and crazy bright birthday cakes. Mine was no exception. Fortunately I had a lot of help eating it. Kailin and I took the afternoon off and went downtown, where she got us foot massages and great street food. I can’t say enough about how great it is to have your feet rubbed for an hour, especially when you are spending your days doing insane flying Kungfu kicks and landing on concrete. I picked the fast form I am doing, because it was suppose to be mainly punch/block, but it turns out there are 5 kicks in it, one that may take me till the end of these next 50 years to learn.

Once again every part of me is sore. I am hoping I am near the end of this form, for I am near the end of what my knees will take. Kailin has finished her fast form, but it has cost her a swollen knee, so she is taking a few days off. Her fast form was kicking based. So you can imagine what her joints have been doing!  The good news is the rest of her is fine again. Plus the break is allowing her to get ahead with her school work.

There is other good news: Master Guan is back so we are practicing at the Temple, which I prefer. This also means we are eating at the Temple with the nuns and monk. We have made a decision that when we come back there will be no more school food. We will eat at the Temple all the time. The food is so much better, and served with a smile, though it is all vegetarian. This means we will probably have to supplement some, as working out 6 hours a day requires more protein. Also new students arrived this week. One from Italy, Luca, he has come for 5 years! OMG! Then one from France, via Beijing, where he was training with the circus. His name is Muakine Salaun, a mouthful, but he is good fun. He has been a fulltime performer for some time; his specialty is contact juggling. He is really good and spends as much time upside down as right side up. The kids love him. It is like having their own private show every day and he lets them try everything. It is amazing to watch how fast Wushu can be learned when the person learning is in perfect fitness and has had previous experience. He is vegetarian, so maybe there is hope for us doing this on Temple food!