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gg_diet_lrgOur lives depend on the consumption of food.

Without it we are unable to maintain functionality and sustain life. I often referred to our bodies as the vehicles with which we navigate life.

We can draw many parallels between the body and the automobile. As the body holds a particularly vital role for each being, cars are also an important part of life. We use them often and need to take care of them, so we can go to work, school, soccer practice, or wherever is important. A car can only perform as well as we allow it to by providing maintenance and by driving sensibly. All of this holds exactly true for our bodies! Our bodies provide us with the opportunity to experience everything in life from yoga to hiking to water skiing. Even simple things like playing with our children or taking out the garbage. If you are not healthy enough to accomplish all that you desire with both grace and ease, then perhaps this will offer you some valuable insights on how to increase your overall health through proper nutrition.

What do you eat? How are you determining what foods you select for ingestion? Do you know what your diet consists of? We have complete freedom to pick when, where, and how we eat. There is a direct correlation between the quality of food ingested and the quality of health experienced. Certainly, the more vitality in the food, the more vitality available to your body. To a large extent, you are what you eat. Ultimately, your choices today lead to your options tomorrow.

Here are some of the key concepts regarding ingestion and digestion. First of all, in order for the gastric juices in your stomach to flow properly during digestion, chew your food thoroughly and eat at peace. It is important to experience genuine gratitude for your food and your body’s ability to assimilate it. Second, take normal deep relaxing breaths and enjoy the aroma of your food. Third, consider where your food has come from. How has it been grown? How has it been harvested? How has it been stored? We live in a society where there is a tendency to process, package, and preserve everything. In addition to this, we tend to contaminate our foods while in the growing process by adding insecticides and herbicides to vegetables and fruits as well as hormones, antibiotics, and other additives to the feeds of animals we eat. This significantly diminishes the food’s nutritional content and is a relatively new practice. We are only beginning to see the detrimental side effects. However, we do have the privilege to choose wholesome, organic foods. The term organic means food produced, processed, and packaged without any chemical intervention. Fourth, drink pure water and only tiny bits with your food. Excess fluids will dilute gastric enzymes, inhibiting their ability to fully prepare and process those foods for assimilation. Fifth, eat until you are no longer physically hungry. Never eat until you are emotionally full. You can determine this point by chewing each bite thoroughly, swallowing it, and then noticing if you are still hungry. We live in a world where people tend to eat for a variety of reasons. True hunger is rarely at the top of the list. Even if one is eating an excellent diet of wonderful foods, if you eat too much, the body can become stressed, toxic, and overweight. Sixth, if your digestive system is already experiencing imbalance, then you may want to consider following food combining rules [PDF]. Finally, when you are done eating, take some time to relax. Allow your system to digest and absorb the nutrients. Don’t rush right back into activity. Once you have mastered these basic rules, remember that variety is also important, so eat in a balanced fashion from all seven key food groups. If the foods in one’s diet are healthy yet monotonous, certain nutrients may be omitted.

You only get one body. There is no trade-in policy at this time. You have to live in that body, whatever condition it is in. The vitality of your body is directly proportional to the clarity and magnificence of your daily life experience. How does your current life experience look and feel? How could it look? How could it feel? How do you envision it? What are you willing to do consistently in order to be at your very best?