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Cardiovascular Type Movement

Here are some ideas for cardiovascular exercise. There are normal activities, like running and biking, and less common examples such as windsurfing, certain types of sailing, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and all types of group or individual sports. Even walking can be cardiovascular, especially if it has been a long time since doing regular exercise. Swimming is a cardiovascular exercise and for people who are overweight or for those who have any sort of joint problem, it is often the preferred choice. Swimming is a good cardiovascular workout without stressing the joints and ligaments of the body. Another place that offers wonderful exercise possibilities is a dance studio. Dance is a wonderful form of exercise. There is very cardiovascular dance, like African rhythmic dance, jazz, ballet, and gymnastics and lighter forms, like ballroom, square, and line dancing. Find the one that fits you. Also, remember that sports club have all kinds of cardiovascular classes and equipment. Step aerobics is a wonderful class, or try Zumba. Don’t rule out floor aerobics class, an old favorite. If going out isn’t convenient, there is all sorts of quality home equipment, such as stairmasters, versaclimbers, Nordic tracks, treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines–everything imaginable, including a computer screen that will change scenery in order to increase your sensory stimulation and activity duration. Any of these are wonderful for getting that heart rate up! Of course, the assumption is that if you have one of these things, you’re going to use it. Somehow just looking at it each day doesn’t make the body fit!

Remember, anything is cardiovascular if it takes you to your target heart range and maintains you there. Your target heart range is where you get maximum use and endurance from your system. It is also the heart rate range in which you use fat instead of carbohydrates as an energy source. If a person is really out of shape, target heart range can be reached through passive exercise such as going into a sauna or by spending time outside in the sun. If you are out of condition, you must monitor your pulse and heart rate at all times until greater endurance has been achieved. Experiment! Come up with ideas on how to give your heart some exercise. Start slowly; work smart. Perhaps you might combine several passive activities in order to jump up to the next plateau. Over time, anyone can work up to more brisk types of cardiovascular exercise and greater vitality. The key factor with exercise is consistency. If you exercise consistently, your body will become fit. Imagine how wonderful you are going to look and feel!

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