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gg_exercise_lrgThe human body is capable of incredible strength and fluid grace.

Your body is a high performance machine. Now, as the owner of such a wonderful vehicle you will want to take care of it won’t you? Cherish it! Treat it as a most precious gift!

Movement is an important key to care of the body and one of the basic foundations of vitality. These vehicles are full of joints. Joints were made for moving. Have you ever noticed when hinges are left closed over a period of time, rust will start to accumulate. The joint will stiffen and the hinge will begin to work less efficiently. Eventually, the joint will not open at all. The same is true for the human.

There are two components that keep the human body in flow. The first component is the heart. The heart is the central processing plant for keeping the body energized and bathed in the nutrients necessary for life. If you seek to maximize your vitality and mobility, you will need a healthy cardiovascular system. So don’t smoke, exercise regularly, watch your cholesterol intake, and stay away from foods full of saturated fatty acids. The second component of flow is motion. Motion is the expansion and contraction of your muscles. Our musculo-skeletal system facilitates cellular reproduction, as well as blood and lymphatic circulation when in motion. If the body is at rest or out of motion for too long, it will lose the ability to engage in normal metabolic activity. Toxic byproducts are generated and eventually the stagnation of these toxins will cause the human to experience bodily malfunctions.

Let’s talk about the many different considerations regarding exercise. First, balanced, consistent motion is the key to success, and your mental state of mind is the key to this. Notice the intense concentration on the professional athlete’s face, sometimes known as the “game face.” Focus and clarity of mind are integral parts of athletics. Therefore, if you are exercising and thinking about everything else that is going on in your day, you will add less overall value to your exercise. However, if you exercise instead with attention and intention on the precise motion of your muscles and joints, the metabolic value you get from your exercise will be increased exponentially. Results will be noticed much sooner. When we train our focus, not only do we empower our physical body, but we empower our mind and spirit. It is also important to have a warm-up and cool-down period at the beginning and end of exercise. For example, work up to your current peak performance level slowly over ten to fifteen minutes, and at the end of your workout spend another ten to fifteen minutes doing quiet stretching, deep breathing, or meditation. Allow your muscles to prepare and/or recover from physical activity. Other factors important to exercise are proper breath, ample hydration, and an excellent diet.

There are two main types of movement: cardiovascular type movement–movement that raises your heart rate and makes you sweat and flexibility type movement–movement to stretch, expand, and strengthen the musculo-skeletal system and the joints. Both types of exercise are necessary if your musculo-skeletal system is to stay vital. With any kind of exercise it is important to never push into pain. Pain does nothing but set you back in your goal to become more fit and vital. It doesn’t matter whether you do exercise for flexibility or cardiovascular fitness. If something is hurting, go easy with it or stop altogether. This is different than being sore. Soreness is normal; especially when you do something you haven’t done before or haven’t done on a regular basis. You are just sore if there was no pain during the exercise that preceded the soreness.

Normally, you exercised the day before and it felt fine but the next morning you are sore. Believe it or not, soreness is great. It means you broke some new ground. You wouldn’t want to be sore every time you exercise, but being sore sometimes is a sign that you are moving forward. It usually passes in three to four days. Anything that lasts longer than that may be a muscle strain or ligament tear among other things. This usually means you overdid it. If this happens, wait for the soreness to leave before you exercise that muscle group again. And next time proceed with more care when training that specific muscle group. If you exercise carefully and consistently, your body will become fit. Imagine how wonderful you are going to look and feel. Make that lifestyle change. Be brave! Be adventurous! Begin to move that wonderful vehicle you are in. Play in it! Love it! Have fun with it

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