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Target Heart Rate

Your Target Heart Rate is a method of measuring your heart’s workload to determine whether you’re exercising hard enough for the effort to be beneficial, and to also know when you’re overdoing it.

Below is a table showing the average BPM (Beats Per Minute) for individuals in different age groups.

Age Target Heart Rate
50-75 %
Average Maximum
Heart Rate
100 %
20 100-150 bpm 200 bpm
25 98-146 bpm 195 bpm
30 95-142 bpm 190 bpm
35 93-138 bpm 185 bpm
40 90-135 bpm 180 bpm
45 88-131 bpm 175 bpm
50 85-127 bpm 170 bpm
55 83-123 bpm 165 bpm
60 80-120 bpm 160 bpm
65 78-116 bpm 155 bpm
70 75-113 bpm 150 bpm


IMPORTANT: The information above is an average for the different age groups. As always, ease into any exercise program and keep track of your heart rate. In the beginning, your goal should be in the lower portion of your 50-75% range. After becoming more fit, try pushing harder in small increments to gradually bring yourself higher. DON’T OVER DO IT! You don’t have to push yourself to the 100% limit to be/stay in shape!

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