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Basic Theory of Mind/Body Medicine

Our core beliefs create our questions. Our questions create our focus (or perceived choices). Our focus creates our actions. Our actions create our results. Our results create our beliefs. And so on and so on… In other words, if we have limited beliefs, we will have limited potential. If we have limited potential, we will take limited action. If we take limited action, we will have limited results. If we have limited results, we will reinforce our limited beliefs. It would stand to reason, therefore, if we are able to expand our beliefs, we may expand our potential and empower our actions. Which in turn will give us new and different results and reinforce our new, expanded belief system.


A classic example of this was the four-minute mile. For years the sports world believed that a four-minute mile could not be done. It couldn’t be done. Humans couldn’t do it. There was plenty of scientific proof to back this. Doctors and photographers worked together. They filmed footage of athletes, studied the muscular system, how it interacted with the physics of the body, and determined that it was completely impossible for a human being to run a four-minute mile. Then one day a man who didn’t have all this information ran a four-minute mile. Shortly after that many, many more people were able to do the same. Air travel was the same in our society. Thank God the Wright brothers didn’t believe what everybody else believed. Thank God Columbus didn’t believe the world was flat. Luckily for us, when a belief or a system of beliefs has become an obstacle to the group’s development, an individual or a few individuals come along and push right through the limitations and society may gain all kinds of new possibilities. Limiting beliefs, like always needing ten times more of everything in order to be happy, are at the root of most failures. Amazing results are possible once we choose to expand our beliefs, thereby empowering ourselves to be our very best.

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