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gg_mindbody_lrgWe have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.”

Consider the possibility that there is a deeper truth behind this idea. Consider that you are what you consistently believe. Who decides what you eat and drink, how you breathe, when you exercise, what environment you live in, who your friends are, and what career you choose? That’s right, you do. And how do you make these choices? According to your own individual beliefs.

Consider that you will manifest your strongest, most consistent beliefs, whether those beliefs are conscious or unconscious, empowering or defeating, resourceful or unresourceful. For example, one’s view may be completely opposite of another’s interpretation in an identical environment. Two people go out on a nature hike. When they return, one talks about how gorgeous the trees were and the amazing waterfall they saw. The other complains about the bugs and how the water was too cold. An individual’s sensory input is filtered through their specific social, emotional, and physical patterns of conditioning. You get more of what you focus on. What goes around comes around. This is a basic theory in body-mind medicine and is self-enforcing and self-activating. Our conscious, subconscious, and superconscious sensory areas sort incoming information in order to support and manifest our individual reality. If you feel the world is a beautiful place and it supports and maintains you in peace and light, then it will. The body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected. They are each one; three parts of one whole.

We have been learning the basic physical skills necessary to maintain our bodies. Now we will talk in depth about the mental skills necessary for choosing resourceful beliefs which in turn will allow you to practice these physical skills consistently. This body that we live in is designed to be a self-maintaining vehicle. All we have to do is provide it with the necessary ingredients to do its job. Isn’t it amazing how often we fall short on this one basic duty? Isn’t it amazing that in spite of our shortcomings, these bodies manage to maintain us in a conscious state well into our 70s or 80s; sometimes even further. Imagine what they could do if we participated with them fully and gave them everything they needed to stay healthy and vital. Our vitality is directly related to the resourcefulness of our positionality. We define our own unique universe of possibilities.

Body-mind medicine activates the immense powers of the human mind. Experts say there is good stress and bad stress, and whether we do something or not has a great deal to do with whether we believe it is going to help us avoid pain or gain pleasure. Good stress is the focus and energy it takes to accomplish something we enjoy. Conversely, bad stress is the focus and energy it takes to accomplish or avoid something we do not enjoy. In other words, stress has nothing to do with what is going on in our environment. It is induced by our chosen positionality to that very environment. Health deterioration and pain from stress stems from poorly handled conflicts arising out of life’s situations that challenge the rules we have chosen. These rules are created by us, around our own personal beliefs and values. The “bad stress” experience can lead to many dysfunctions, for example, migraine headaches, chest pains, motor dysfunction, and mental instability. However, you have complete authority over your human form and your belief system. You have the power to create a magnificent tomorrow by choosing resourceful beliefs and actions today.

Do you have the courage to live in grace and ease, to consistently choose what brings you joy, to know that you are worthy of abundance and giving your gifts with exuberance? The life you lead may be absolutely wonderful in the eyes of another person. However, your vitality is based on how wonderful your life is in your own eyes. Learn how to focus in on the most resourceful paths to take when you are faced with challenging situations. Invite ease and abundance into your life. Realize that you have the ability to achieve happiness and vitality through your own will and determination to make conscious, joyous choices.