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gg_water_lrgWe are composed of more than 80% water…

Every creature intuitively, instinctively knows water is necessary. It is the most important substance the body needs next to air. Most people drink far too little water. One of the main reasons people find it challenging to consume enough water is that today’s social environment encourages a sedentary lifestyle. Correspondingly, this decreases the body’s natural urge to drink.

To make matters worse, the fluids we ultimately do ingest often come from substances such as coffee, beer, soda, and other recreational type beverages. These beverages are dehydrating, rather than hydrating to the system, they have many degenerative side effects, and they are usually consumed slowly. We have become a society of sippers. These patterns ultimately lead to decreased vitality and energetic capacity. One really simple shift we can make is to add regular physical exercise into our lifestyles which increases our natural urge to drink water. Nothing takes the place of ample hydration.

How does drinking water relate to the body’s cycles? What are the consequences of insufficient hydration? Both humans and animals use water to clean themselves internally and externally. Water provides valuable nutrition for the body. Hydration also initiates system flushing. All biochemical reactions in the body occur within an aqueous environment. All solids within the body are transported through a fluid medium. Without ample water the body will experience a loss of productivity and vitality, congestion of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and drying of the cell’s membranes, which will cause premature aging, leading to sickness, and eventually death. Without adequate hydration, detoxification and healing are impossible . Since we live in a society that is rapidly polluting its own water sources, quality of our water has become a critical issue. Many filtrations and water re-energizing systems now exist. Pick one that works for you. This system needs to purify your water as well as Ph balancing it. Tap water today is usually a bad choice. Our bodies are basically a few proteins and fatty acids holding a lot of water in place. It’s water that gives us shape. It’s water that gives us moisture. It’s water that gives us flexibility and fluidity. It’s water that gives us that glow of vitality. Make time in your life to drink enough pure water.

Being in water is almost as important as drinking it! Water, even outside the body, aids in detoxification and harmonic balancing. Bathing in water helps cleanse the skin and keep the body’s surface clean and infection-free. Remember that your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything that touches it. Therefore water quality and the purity of everything it comes in contact with it is vitally important. So find your way back to that special quiet and centered place where you begin to feel yourself truly resting and rejuvenating. I recommend taking a hot bath or Jacuzzi several times per week. Make your bath a fun and physically rewarding experience. Water beckons us to submerge ourselves mercilessly in its replenishing vitality. Play in it! Drink it! Enjoy it! Daily!

Drink Enough Water!

A minimum of eight to ten glasses per day of water is required for the human body to function at peak vitality. Moreover, people who are very athletic, who are doing any kind of internal cleansing, like a fast, or have any kind of illness need to drink even more.

Nothing takes the place of ample hydration.

One of the ways I coach my patients to drink enough water is that I have them carry plenty of water with them wherever they go. Water at their desk at work, water in their car, water at home, water in their sports bag literally water wherever they go. It is especially important to keep water with you wherever you are going to be during the day. If it is always there, you are more likely to drink it. You can’t drink too much water.

Consider making water fun to drink!

For example, there are now on the market all sorts of water holders. Little holders that fit Evian-type bottles and holders that fit bike bottles. There are even trendy leather holders that come with zipper pouches on the bottom for carrying a bit of change so in case you run out of water you can buy more.

Make water accessible and plentiful.

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